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Treats! And looking forward to the end of the fest

Hello, lovely creators! We appreciate all of your efforts so much and we hope you're enjoying the fest.

A few of you asked about treats (sending in extra things to fill prompts that weren't your assigment), and that's still a thing that can happen! Please email them to us or post to the AO3 collection by September 15th - we'll have a sort of free-for-all posting on the last day of posting to celebrate the end of the fest, after which there'll be a week to catch up on everything before we un-anon all the works and you can thank your creator personally. Signup post is here with everyone's information.

Because we know we sort of dropped the ball on this, we'll be having a promptfest at a later date, but for anyone who'd already had something planned for treats, you're still welcome to send that in!

Mini FAQ:
  • Treats are optional, but the more stories and artworks and icons and fanmixes, the merrier, eh?
  • Treats do not have to meet the minimum word limits, etc.
  • Treats may be written by anyone, for anyone.

Headers will be the same for treats, and are under a cut for your convenience.

Content Notes: