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Fic: Weak, for akashasheiress

Title: Weak
Word Count: 10,222
By: jjpor
Recipient: akashasheiress
Rating: Teen
Character(s)/Ship(s): Eleventh Doctor/River Song, various other old- and new-series Doctor Who
Summary: Written for akashasheiress as part of the Eleventyfest ficathon. The Doctor's definitely going to have that talk with River. You know, *that* talk. Honestly, he is. Any day now. Any day now...
Content Notes: "Choose not to provide"
Creator Notes: As requested, an examination of the relationship between the Doctor and River, with some comparisons to some of the other relationships he's had. Also quite a lot of venting about some aspects of the new series and the Moffat era that bug me a little. Dedicated Eleven/River shippers may not want to read this one. ;)

( Weak [AO3] )